BRIANIZED (bry-en-eyes-d)…  "of or because of Photographer Brian C Idocks"

n..- The website you are now looking at :)

v…-"To make or create something in the style of Photographer Brian C Idocks"  eg.. "That photo has been Brianized"

adj…-"describing something that has the same style as the work of Photographer Brian C Idocks

The term "Brianized" actually came about several years ago, sometime in 2007.  I entered a lot of Professional Print competitions and was highly successful.  My work tended to have a certain "look", which people began to recognize.  One day, someone coined the term "Brianized", and it stuck.

What is Brianized, exactly?  Well…. it may be easier to show you, but, it is characterized by heavy use of dark tones, normally browns, creating a very dramatic mood.  There may be extensive use of dodging and burning techniques as well as multiple texture overlays.  The end result has a "painterly" feel to it, yet, it is still considered photographic in nature.

A few examples:


So what is this website for anyway?

Simply put… I don’t compete officially anymore, but I still love creating images both for work (I am a full time Professional Wedding Photographer and for myself.  This is my way of sharing those photos for others to see.