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A kind word to my DJ “friends”…

Well, maybe not so kind, but it is kind to my friends. If you’re one of my DJ friends, you likely don’t do these things, so maybe the idea of the title is a bit more tongue and cheek.


If we are working together at a wedding, keep in mind that I’m a professional, and I know how to do my job. I don’t need you to remind me of things. Seriously. Now, I need to know when events are happening, you know a quick heads up about toasts, cake cutting, things like that. What I don’t need is for you to tell me what photos to take. Don’t worry, not my first rodeo pal, I got this.

Oh, and I do ask for a song or two notice for the evening’s events. If you can’t be bothered to do that… puhlease, don’t tell me how to do my job since obviously, you can hardly handle doing yours.

Don’t set up my shots. Really, just don’t do it. First, you’re not doing it right and second, it’s my job. You might think you’re “helping”, but really, let me explain what’s happening: You get a huge group of people on the dance floor, with no warning to me at all, and suddenly I am expected to on the spot, create a portrait of fifty random drunk people. As I’m sure you need a second or two to prepare for things, guess what? So do I. Also… if you do this, let me take over and do my damn job, don’t keep talking in your microphone. Why? If they hear you, they can’t hear me, and guess what? I need their attention, not you.

Hmm, I guess it’s time for a basic rule:

Hey Mister DJ, it’s not about you.

Really, it’s not. We’re all working here. We’re all making a living doing our jobs. Honestly, if I was some numbnuts that didn’t have a clue, I wouldn’t have been hired. Oh… you came with the venue. Grrreeeeat. Your professionalism astounds me.

Now… yes, this is a rant. I’m entitled to them every so often and as I said, this doesn’t apply to any of my DJ friends. The DJ’s I recommend actually know their job, do it with aplomb and excellence, and let me do mine.

So… just a tip, if we’re working a wedding together, and you don’t give me any warning for events and try to “help” by setting up shots for me with no warning, not only will I not “help promote your business”, I’ll likely write a lovely rant about you on Brianized.com.


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