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C1, Sony and Godox, oh my!

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s been a while.  Well, life happens, and here we are in the 8th iteration of this website.  This time, the purpose is a bit more clear.  Just a bit.  We began testing the waters of a YouTube Channel, and so far, we’re enjoying it, simply finding time for it is complicated at times.

Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/bcifoto

In the past year… there’s been some changes around here and in the way we do things.  Yes, we still shoot weddings, lol, but as some of you know (assuming you read my older posts!) we switched to Capture One Pro, and I highly suggest you do too.  I wrote this about a year ago and it still stands, http://brianized.com/2018/04/11/why-capture-one-why-not-lightroom-and-my-thoughts-on-adobe-subscription-services/

If you’re interested in Capture One, we are now Capture One Affiliates and if you end up buying the software, it helps the channel…

There’s a 30 day free trial and it’s fully functional so you can really try it out first.  That’s how I did it, and it worked for me.  We will be putting out videos on Capture One, and…. coincidentally… we have one now!

Then… the next big change was a switch from Canon to Sony.  We did a video on that too, but I won’t bore you with it… it wasn’t super exciting, lol.  Let’s just say I got tired of waiting for Canon to come out with a mirrorless camera, and when they finally did, it was… disappointing.  The EOS R was never meant to be a professional tool, and it shows.  One card slot, lackluster AF, the list goes on.  Yet… it’s more expensive than THE most popular selling pro level camera today, the Sony a7iii.  Simply amazing to me that Canon watched Sony rise through the ranks to produce some of the best cameras on the market today and responded with… the EOS R.  To me, that says they don’t really care what consumers want, they want to keep forcing their agenda and giving out very little with each camera iteration to keep us buying more.  Of course they do, that’s what businesses do, they want you to buy their stuff, right?  Well… if you give us what we want, we do buy your stuff, and you don’t need to hold back on us either.

Sony packed a lot of technology in the a7iii.  IBIS, Eye AF, full screen focus points, dual card slots, etc.  Sure, it could use some toughening up, and the LCD screen is pretty weak, but… I’ve never used such an amazing camera in my long career!

Sony Alpha a7 Mirrorless Cameras All time Low Prices!

We’ve since invested fully into the Sony System, and now have an a6500, and two a7iii’s.  Lenses we use?

  • Sony 24-105 f:4 Zoom
  • Zeiss Batis 18 f:2.8 Prime
  • Sony Zeiss 35 f:1.4 Prime
  • Zeiss Batis 85 f:1.8 Prime
  • Sony 28 f:2.0 Prime

We also have the “kit” lenses for use as extreme backup if needed.  We find those lenses cover pretty much any situation we can get ourselves into.  I do still have a Canon 70-200 lens and a Sigma Adapter to use that lens on our Sony cameras.

Then… there’s flash.  We were a Canon household here so we were using 600 EX-RT’s for a long time, then one broke, and… I didn’t feel like spending that kind of money for another, and I’d been hearing about Godox, and Flashpoint, which are the same by the way.  One is sold by Adorama, but it’s the same product.  So we bought a Godox v860ii and… to be honest, I didn’t expect much.  However, I was blown away.  Even the menu is similar to Canon.  Power, accuracy and refresh are all as identical as I can tell.  The only bugger to me is the mount (their latest V1 flash has the new mount, yay).  It’s the old fashioned screw down type.  Seems a bit fiddly to me, and felt a little loose, but it’s not been an issue.  So… I replaced a $600 flash with a $175 flash that does the same job.  Well… almost.  It can’t talk to Canon flashes…

Get the Flashpoint Evolv 200 from Adorama here!

Enter the AD200 by Godox, or the Flashpoint Evolv 200, if you buy from Adorama.  This thing is just a little bigger than a speedlight flash, and priced at about $350.  It’s about 3.5 times as powerful as a speedlight and the battery lasts me a couple of weddings!  It’s a TRUE game changer.  It’s powerful, but… not really enough to overpower our hot bright Florida sun at midday, but it’s close!  We bought two!

Then I bought 4 more V860’s!

Then… we invested in the Godox AD600BM.  This is the simplest of the big guns, as in no TTL, but you don’t need it for something like this anyway.  We paid $550, which is less than what a Canon speedlight would be.  Add a couple of softboxes, and Voila!  We have a complete portable lighting system that we can use in any conditions any time of day, without needing AC outlets.

Life is good.  The technology in these cameras, combined with the powerful software of Capture One Pro, lit by Godox flashes that all communicate with each other, is amazing to someone like me, who… when I began using lights, they had to be wired to the camera, and each other, and plugged into the wall.  They were heavy, difficult to use, and pricey.

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