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About Brian

Here it is, the expose on the man behind Brianized, Brian C Idocks.  Yes, it’s me, I wrote this myself… since I couldn’t find anyone to do it for me.

I have, in my short time on this planet, done many things, and been many things.  Perhaps I am best known as a Photographer, but, here is a list of just some of what I have been in my lifetime…

  • Puppet
  • Pauper
  • Pirate
  • Poet
  • Pawn
  • King

Okay, I may have made some of that up.

Really though, here’s my list…

  • Paperboy
  • Air Conditioning Assembly Line Worker
  • Printer (not photos, think Hallmark Cards, Heidelbergs for the Win)
  • I had a job inserting the jackets into CD’s once
  • Worked at an O-ring factory, making… O rings
  • Mailman (was both the Union Steward and Manager Trainee, not simultaneously)
  • Soldier
  • Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (became a Manager there!)
  • Computer Repairman (turned it into my own business)
  • Car Salesman (Manager actually)
  • Worked an assembly line planing boards
  • Cutlery Salesman
  • Cashier at not one, but two gas stations.
  • Owned and operated a Deli
  • Fused the electron gun into TV tubes for RCA
  • Worked for a Photo Lab, retouching, and scanning negatives.
  • Stockboy for Jamesway
  • Mattress Salesman
  • Worked at a Deli in a grocery store.
  • Office Furniture delivery and assembly
  • Private Investigator

I’m sure I forgot some.  You see, Photography, as great as it is, hasn’t been my 100% income, but it’s been there pretty much my whole life in some form or another.  I did most of these jobs while being a photographer too.

I’ve been to nearly every state, and more countries than I can admit.  I’ve seen things.  Pretty things, horrible things.  I try not to dwell on all of that though.  Life is like a car.  You have a rearview mirror to see where you’ve been, side mirrors to see what’s sneaking up on you, and a windshield to know where you’re going.  If you notice, the windshield is the largest, since, it’s the place you want to be, and the others are there, but, if you don’t look too hard, you won’t notice.  That can be a good and bad thing.

Right now I’m a Professional Wedding Photographer at http://www.briancidocks.com and we’ve begun creating instructional videos at our channel:  http://www.youtube.com/bcifoto , and I manage a Youtube Channel with my wife, Derica http://www.city-steading.com, http://tinyurl.com/citysteading.  We have 7 cats, 4 chickens, a greenhouse turned vineyard, 34 huge pots filled with plants growing food, and waist high raised gardening beds doing the same.  I cook, brew my own beer, wine, cider, and mead.  I smoke my own ham, make sausage, corned beef and bread.  I’m working on getting us solar power.  We try to be as independent as possible.

Now you know what you’re dealing with.