• New IG

    So I had an Instagram account from many years ago. It was mostly from my wedding photography days. Over time it has devolved into just any photos… food we ate, our cats, so… I started a new account.

  • Instagram… WTF?

    I created a brand spanking new IG account for my photography. All went well, then I converted to a business account, and tried to schedule a post. Nope. Looked it up, made sure I have everything set properly. Attempt to schedule a post… Nope. I’ve never been a huge IG fan. Not sure how much…

  • Business Cards

    Everyone needs business cards, right? I need them because otherwise I am just some weird guy taking photos of people… Legitimacy! Also, explains what I am doing. I create photographs. Anyway, here’s my business card (yes I have physical cards coming): …and the back! Seems about perfect for what I do!

  • The Generic Blog Post.

    Yep. I started a blog. How often will I post? Dunno. What will I post? Mostly photo and video related things, with the occasional random something. Thanks! -B